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Making the web a better place by putting people first

I am a UX Designer and Front-End Developer born in London and raised in Manchester.

I have been passionate about your psychology, what makes a design intuitive for you and the elegance of clean coding since 2004. Prior to that I was mentored by my father and his passion for handmade wallpaper design and production.

UX Design The Yin & Yang of UX

At my core is a care for people. It is this care that motivates me to learn how to best relieve customers from their discomfort. I’m even trained in mind/body therapy, which is my secret weapon when it comes to knowing how to listen, seeing the world from the perspective of others and understanding user psychology.

My process involves a delicate balance between my left and right brain hemispheres. On the right; my intuition, empathy and creativity, and on the left; data analysis, organisation and logic.

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Front-end Development Clean coding since 2004

Way back when we used to use tables for layout I would spend an excellent proportion of my day insulting the computer. With the advent of CSS our relationship was transformed, smoothed over and then spiced up with a little JQuery, Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap.

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Web Development Coding

Online Marketing ROI focused and results driven

Back in 2004 when I started developing websites I soon realised that if I wanted to be succcessful I needed to learn how to improve my search engine rankings. Since then I’ve been generating results for my clients as well as helping them understand what it takes to improve their rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the fastest paced web industries out there, and like the others, I ride the roller coaster of continual learning.

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Work A selection of my recent projects

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“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Pete for about 1 year at Destinology/Saga. Pete has an very keen eye for detail, is hard working, knowledgeable, approachable, has a good positive mental attitude. Pete tackles problems head on, and always seeks to deliver work to the highest possible standards. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with Pete again in the future and I thoroughly recommend him.”

Jon Preece - Full Stack Developer
Saga & Destinology

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